Sinus & Allergy


The Low country is undoubtedly a beautiful place to live, but it is also a hot bed for allergy and sinus issues. Low Country ENT is very excited to be launching our new allergy department.

We treat both adults and children. You will be evaluated by one of our skilled physicians. If allergy testing is needed, you will then be contacted by our experienced allergy nurse for testing instructions. Our skin testing is usually performed on the upper arm and involves placing a small amount of antigen under the first layer of skin, creating a “wheal”. The size of the wheal is then measured. Patients may need more intra-dermal wheals depending on the extent of the allergic disease. After testing, your physician will go over your test results and options to help you feel you best!

Options for allergy sufferers include:


In certain circumstances, avoidance may be the easiest way to lessen symptoms and avoid allergy complications.


Your physician may recommend antihistamines, nasal sprays, steroids or decongestants. These can help with temporary relief, but do not address the underlying cause of your allergies.

Immunotherapy (Allergy Shots)

Allergy shots may be a good treatment choice for you if: Medications don’t control your symptoms well, and you can’t avoid the things that cause your allergic reactions. Allergy medications interact with other medications you need to take or cause bothersome side effects. You want to reduce your long-term use of allergy medication.

Allergy shots can be used to control symptoms triggered by:

  • Seasonal allergies: If you have seasonal allergic asthma or hay fever symptoms, you may be allergic to pollens released by trees, grasses, or weeds.
  • Indoor allergens: If you have year-round symptoms, you may be sensitive to indoor allergens, such as dust mites, cockroaches, mold, or dander from pets such as cats or dogs.

Allergy Forms

In-Office Balloon Sinuplasty

What is Balloon Sinuplasty?

A Breakthrough in Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Balloon Sinuplasty (BSP) is a safe and effective sinus procedure for chronic sinusitis patients seeking relief from uncomfortable sinus pain symptoms.

Now Available in the ENT Office, Balloon Sinuplasty is:

  • Safe & Less Invasive
  • Proven Effective with Fast Recovery

How is Balloon Sinuplasty Safe & Less Invasive?

With Balloon Sinuplasty, there is no cutting of nasal bone or tissue. More than 380,000 patients suffering from chronic sinusitis symptoms have been treated by ear, nose and throat doctors using Balloon Sinuplasty.

In Office Balloon Sinuplasty

Propel Steroid-Releasing Implant

Intersect ENT has developed the PROPEL dissolvable sinus implant to improve surgical outcomes for chronic sinusitis sufferers. PROPEL is the first of a new category of products offering localized, controlled drug delivery directly to the sinus tissue. Inserted by a physician to maintain the surgical opening, the spring-like implant expands to prop open the ethmoid sinus and gradually delivers an advanced corticosteroid with anti-inflammatory properties directly to the sinus lining where it’s needed most as the implant dissolves.

The PROPEL system has been clinically proven to prevent obstruction of the ethmoid sinus following surgery. Obstruction can occur due to recurrent scarring and inflammation. The result is improved post-operative outcomes, reducing the need for additional surgical procedures and systemic steroids that can have serious side effects.*

Propel Steroid-Releasing Implant